Saturday, December 13, 2008

Polar Express

The kids got a special treat this past Thursday night. All they were told was that they were to wear their new PJ's and get in the truck. They didn't know until we got their that they were going to ride the Polar Express. Jace and Linly just before we left town.

Boarding the train. Boy, Jace forgot to smile I think.

Both kids got to see Santa since he came to visit each child individually.

Just like in the book each kid received their very own special bell. What a treat!

Princess Tea

Linly and I went to a Princess Tea at church. It is held once a year and is a time for little girls to get to dress up.

Cassie Jo and Linly Jo (friends)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Finished look

Is this a beutiful face or what. She loves her new cut. I didn't even cry (at the salon). While we were at Sonic I had a little moment, but the fact that she likes it makes it all ok.

I was about ready to rip the scissors out of the ladies hands cause the back kept getting shorter and shorter. Just when I didn't think I could handle it any more she stopped. It is short, but it will be nice for summer. Linly was not happy when we told her that it would grow back. :)

Locks of Love

Here is how long her hair was.

We got a picture just before the big cut in a pony tail.

Here goes! No turning back now. I felt a little lite headed watching this, but I promised I wouldn't cry.

Here is the first comb through. She loves it! Whew - what a relief.

She is not looking too happy about this right now. I think it was the water bottle that was not pleasing her.

Family camp out at Garner State Park

This was a family camp out at Garner State Park with Indian Guides. As you can tell it was extremly hot. We played in the Frio River but it wasn't nearly frio enough.

This is Jace's photography. This part of the river was very low. Of course the deepest part was only a few feet deep anyway.

Linly before the Pow Wow

Jace before the Pow Wow

Linly made friends with these geese. She had a pancake and they wanted it so they went after her. She promptly threw the pancake at them and climbed up the side of Rick. She wanted nothing to do with them. On the other hand Jace couldn't seem to leave them alone.

Guess he got what he deserved! They attacked him any time he was even close.

Still tantilizing them.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Beauty Sleep

Linly got a new make-up set for Christmas from her MiMi and PaPa and one of the items inside was a blindfold or eye mask. When I put her to bed tonight I noticed that she had it in bed, but thought nothing of since she seems afraid of the dark. Well, she decided to use it tonight. As I was getting ready to go to bed this is what I found. What a hoot!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Been a while

Well, it has been awhile since I have updated this. Life got extremely busy once school started back and many things fell to the side in order to make it. Unfortunately this was one of those things. I intend to do better this next semester and at least put up dates about our activities. I like to put pictures but may not have the time.

This last semester has included many activities. Rick has been so busy with work. The oil and gas business is very good right now as you might expect. He has traveled to several destinations to take care of his customers.

I have started a new job this year. I am the assistant principal of a local elementary school. This is a much more time consuming job than I realized, but I love it. I work with the greatest people and am learning so much every day. The challenges are endless, but I try to learn from every situation.

Jace is in First grade this year and is doing great. I always thought that reading would be difficult to learn - boy was I wrong. Once he realized those letters made sounds and the sounds made words he was off to the races. He is leaps and bounds where is should be in reading. Math is right on target. Sure is nice to not have to worry about that. Jace is also doing Upward Basketball this year and loves it. He is getting better and better - although he tries hard I think he excels more in the academic areas :) I think he got his mother's athletic skills - Sorry Jace!

Linly is in pre-school this year and thinks she is big stuff. She makes us laugh so much. She doesn't know a stranger and will talk your ear off if you will let her. She and Jace are in gymnastics this year. They are both doing amazingly well with this. They love it and the best part is that they are both in a class at the same time. This sure helps with the transportation issues.

As for the coming year we plan on surviving the next semester, going skiing in February, and doing something during spring break. This summer we will travel to Kansas for a family reunion and then on to part undetermined right now. We look forward to seeing some of you when we get a chance and reconnecting with many others.

Have a great 2008!